Sopas (soups)

sopa de mariscos- mixed seafood soup $7.95

sopa alentejana- Portuguese coriander soup $4.95

Saladas (salads)

salada de alface- wedge salad $7.50

salada de salmao- Blackened salmon salad  $10.95

*Salada de atum- fresh yellowfin tuna salad $12.95

salada de frango- grilled chicken salad  $9.95

salada de camarao- grilled shrimp salad  $11.95

Sandes (sandwiches)

sandes de linguica- portuguese sausage sandwich  $6.95

sandes de peixe- fresh fish sandwich $7.95

sandes de presunto- portugues prosciutto sandwich $8.95

sandes de frango- grilled chicken sandwich  $7.95

*bitoque- marinated steak sandwich  $9.95

sandes da horta- grilled vegetable sandwich $6.95

bifana- marinated pork loin sandwich $6.95

Do Ar (from the sky)

galinha a vasca- chicken vasca style $8.95

frango a lisboeta- breast of chicken with prosciuttoand fresh mozzarela cheese in a cabrales sauce $9.95

Da Terra (from the land)

*vitela florentina- veal florentine   $12.95

*vitela a portuguesa-veal in a madeira wine sauce with mushrooms and onions  $12.95

febras a casa- Grilled pork steaks marinated in a spiced garlic sauce $10.95

*bitoque- Jr Portuguese steak marinated with garlic and peppers. Served with french fries, rice, and egg $12.95

Vegetariano (vegetarian options)

berinjela a parmesana- eggplant parmesana style $8.95

Mariscos (from the sea)

mexilhoes a pescador-  mussels  $9.95

caldeirada- portuguese fish stew $14.95

macrroes com marisco-penne pasta with scallops clams and shrimp in a tomato basil sauce $14.95

espetada mista- mixed seafood and fish on skewers $14.95

tilapia a colonias- tilapia with fresh fruits and pine nuts  $10.95

Salmao a montanes- grilled and finished with white wine cilantro and garlic   $11.95

*Notice: The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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